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Mountain, Ed.D., M.A., LMFT

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I'm Dr. MarthaElin Mountain, Licensed Therapist, Doctor of Education,  Author,  and Consultant.

While I have worked with clients in my clinical and consulting practice for many years, "CONVERSATIONS. ONLINE." is a new way for me to provide consulting services  that are unique and focused.*

I offer 4 unique options for working together online.  No matter which of the options  you choose, my intention always is for you to feel heard and supported, to become clearer and more confident. 

An online session is a private and confidential space for you to focus on a topic or process that matters to you now.  It is a space to make progress, with me as your personal guide and sounding board. 

with any questions you have or to set up a personal session online.

Thank you.

*My online services launch on Thursday, November 21, 2019.  In celebration of this addtion to my practice, I am pleased to offer a discounted fee of $125 through January 2020.

CONTACT ME for a  Conversation Online to explore your options.  I am looking forward to connecting with you in CONVERSATIONS. ONLINE.

   Gather your questions, thoughts, notepad, and writing tools.  Pour yourself a cup of tea, take a lovely deep breath, and make yourself comfortable.  We are about to spend  some important time together.

MarthaElin Mountain, Ed.D., LMFT